How to procrastinate by reading about not procrastinating

Wise and timely words from the excellent Kristen Lamb on the subject of procrastination. If you are currently procrastinating and would like to continue to do so for a little while longer, check it out.

I fear this has inspired me to make a list. Or maybe a spreadsheet, and organise my time and tasks in a sensible and logical way. Unlike many, I do not fear spreadsheets. Oh no. It’s much worse than that. I like spreadsheets. I can format them. And arrange them in a variety of different ways, adding new and previously unconsidered catagories to each listable item.

This can take up HOURS of time when, admittedly I wouldn’t otherwise be doing anything useful, but I could maybe at least be considering a decent night’s sleep and the possibility of doing something useful tomorrow.

She also recommends what sounds like a very sensible book on the subject of getting things done and giving up your auld avoidance. Similar problems with this: I like buying books, especially ones that sound shiny and problem-solving. I like ordering them and waiting for them to arrive. And then when they do, I remember that I would rather read the new Eugenides that I bought last week. I bought The Now Habit a couple of years ago. It works. Of course it does. It took me about about four months to even open it though, and when I did it told me to get off my arse and do the thing I was avoiding.

In any case, this week I have already picked my vaguely-justifiable -impulse -internet-inspired purchase. I am currently awaiting the arrival of The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life because I read a (wonderful) interview with Anne Tyler and she told me to.

And given that I forgot I had bought it until I saw the email confirmation the next day, I’m staying away from amazon for a little while.

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